Costa Rican food

Costa Rica has a simple cuisine but very tasty and rich in all essential substances to the body.
Rice and beans are present of most tradicional Costa Rican meals and also fresh fruits, vegetables, beef, chicken, and fish that make their diet nutritionally well balanced.Tradicional meals
All the food in Costa Rica is so good!


For breakfast Gallo Pinto, consists of rice and beans is so delicious and the all important Lizano Sauce!

For lunch Casado.It again consists of rice and beans served with some type of meat (beef, fish, pork chop or chicken)n and a salad to round out the dish, plantain and tortillas.

Arroz con camarones is a very good typical dish!


Ceviche, is a dish made up of raw fish.


Must try their dessert tres leches the three milk cake is great!
Dairy products there are so hight quallity

Coffee of Costa Rica, Agua de pipa is the cold water of a green coconut with a straw
liquors include rum, Guaro,
The beer of Costa Rica is Imperial! There are other like Pilsen!
Drinks make from fresh fruit a wide range of fruits to choose from, papaya, mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberry, blackberry.